Bearing capacity testing of pavements

Falling Weight Deflectometer

The Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) simulates wheel load to evaluate the structural condition of pavements. The measuring principle of the FWD consists of a dynamic load pulse which replicates a heavy goods vehicle. The load force is transferred through a circular plate, which rests on the surface being tested. Deflection sensors measure the deformation of the pavement in response to the load.


FWD testing is a non-destructive and fully automated process. Analytical software helps determine the stiffness, residual life and maintenance plan for the pavement.

Our FWDs

QRoad uses Dynatest equipment and offers a team of highly experienced operators. As a result, we can guarantee optimal service for every job.

Main features of our FWDs

  • Best method for determining the structural condition of roads
  • Applicable to all sorts of pavements
  • Determines the layer of failure of a pavement
  • Provides accurate, reproducible and repeatable data
  • Realtime data monitoring
  • High daily production
  • Applicable worldwide
  • QRoad guarantees continuous quality through calibration, service and well trained operators

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