Testing layer thickness of pavements

Ground Penetrating Radar Testing

Do you want a quick scan of your road, which gives you direct insight in the structural condition and helps you better manage maintenance budgets?

With our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), we test layer thickness and anomalies in a continuous way. We’re doing this with a specifically designed GPR system for testing asphalt and concrete pavements, which we can operate at traffic speed. We’re looking right through the pavement and make the invisible visible. Taking cores can be reduced to a minimum and are only necessary as a reference.

To provide you with an even more comprehensive package, we can combine GPR with Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) testing. By testing bearing capacity in addition to layer thickness, we immediately give you an overall picture of the pavement, or so called quick scan. These two pavement test methods complement each other, because deviations are better explained by comparing GPR and FWD results.

In addition, we’re able to detect anomalies like settlements, voids, moisture and delamination with our GPR. The combination of our GPR and FWD testing services are the basis for efficient management and maintenance of pavements.


By using three different antennas, each with their own frequency, we can map the structure of your pavement at traffic speed. Traffic management is not necessary. Our measurements are captured accurately by GPS. We use the most modern equipment.

Most advanced equipment

With our GPR we scan your pavement in a fast, efficient and cost saving way. We use the most advanced software to read the GPR data, to give you a clear view of the layers of your pavement, cavities, wet areas, voids and delamination. Especially in combination with our FWD, we can offer you precise insight for optimal pavement management.

Main features of our GPR

  • Three antennas, multi frequency system for detecting multiple layers
  • GPR system can be operated at traffic speed
  • Detection of cavities, voids, delamination and wet areas
  • Applicable to all sorts of pavements
  • No traffic management needed
  • Applicable worldwide
  • Realtime data monitoring
  • High daily output
  • QRoad guarantees continuous quality through calibration, service and well trained operators

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