HWD testing for thick pavements

Our HWDs

Our Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) can simulate heavy wheel load. From airplanes such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777, or transport vehicles such as straddle carriers and reach stackers. The HWD is most suitable for performing bearing capacity testing on thick and stiff pavements, such as airports and container terminals.


The principle of the HWD is similar to the FWD. The deflection of the pavement is measured by applying a dynamic load pulse. The difference between the HWD and the FWD is the maximum wheel load that can be simulated. The HWD can simulate a much heavier load. The testing process is non-destructive and fully automated. Analytical software helps determine the stiffness, residual life and maintenance plan for the pavement.

Modern and fast

QRoad uses powerful and fast Dynatest HWDs. With our team of highly experienced operators, we can guarantee optimal service for every job.

Unique features

  • Best non-destructive method for determining the Pavement Classification Number (PCN), a Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standard to indicate the strength of a runway, taxiway or apron
  • Our HWDs are specially designed for determining load transfer of concrete slabs
  • Determines the layer of failure of a pavement
  • Provides accurate, reproducible and repeatable data
  • Wide loading range, from 25kN up to 320kN
  • Realtime data monitoring
  • High daily production
  • Applicable worldwide
  • QRoad guarantees continuous quality through calibration, service and well trained operators