Bearing capacity testing to guarantee safety and accessibility

Insight in the structural condition

As a manager of industrial pavements such as container terminals, you know how important bearing capacity is. A pavement must be able to withstand high wheel loads. Pavement failure often leads to high expenses due to limited accessibility of the site. This is something you want to prevent. Bearing capacity testing is essential to ensure accessibility and safety. Testing is also necessary for efficient planning of maintenance and reconstruction.

We can simulate heavy wheel loads and detect layer thickness with our Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) services. This enables us to test areas such as container terminals, ports, industrial sites, industrial roads and industrial floors.

    FWD and GPR testing for industrial sites


    • Existing pavements: determining stiffness, residual life and layer thickness
    • During construction: determining stiffness of subbase and base course
    • New pavements: as a starting point for efficient pavement management
    • Concrete slabs: determining load transfer
    • General: monitoring and evaluation of the structural condition
    • As a verification method

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